Got to Party Up


This Saturday, NIA is hosting an exclusive preview of our upcoming exhibit, NIA Fine Art Friday. Each of us participating artists will present some of our latest pieces. You are invited to view the work, pick our brains, or even purchase a piece. In addition, we will have wine glasses hand-painted by NIA artists for sale.

img_3384-1More than any of that, this is a party! It’s a chance to hang out with artists and art-lovers, drink some wine, and listen to music. You can meet NIA members, Christopher Berry, Christina Bosco, Terrie Byrne, and Dean Johnson. It’s a little thing we like to call NIA Gallery Party!

You may remember a similar event from two years ago…. Believe it or not, the Gallery Party concept pre-dates NIA. You can trace its origins to Third Thursday Club, a figure drawing group that met once a month in the apartment of NIA co-founder, Terrie Byrne. After we’d been drawing together for awhile, we decided to present some of our work in an informal party setting. Thus, the Gallery Party was born!img_3385-1

There was a second Gallery Party before NIA‘s first version of the event. NIA went on to produce two formal group exhibits at ChiPRC, the location of our upcoming NIA Fine Art Friday.

Our party venue is located on Addison St, just west of Lake Shore Dr.

For additional details, e-mail us at, or view our Facebook event page.