Gala of the Arts Layout

I recently announced that I will be showing work in the upcoming Catholic Charities Gala of the Arts at Navy Pier. It has been a good learning experience to work with an outside organization on this. So many of my previous shows were self-organized and self-promoted. For this show, I could really just focus on the art, and let the experienced Art Committee do the rest.

The Art Committee is allotting a 5′ x 8′ hanging space for each artist. We are allowed to bring between four and nine pieces. We were asked to draw up our display ahead of the show at a 1:12 scale. On the day of the show, there will be no guesswork. The artists or their assistants will oversee the art installation according to the pre-designed layouts.

I took the idea of the layout sketch a step further and printed out copies of each piece to scale. This not only makes my layout design crystal-clear for the Art Committee, but it also gives a glimpse of the show to all the people who cannot purchase a ticket.

Gala of the Arts layout

Gala of the Arts layout

You’ll notice there are no new pieces. I am still in the mindset of getting my existing inventory in front of new audiences. The Gala of the Arts crowd is definitely a new audience for me, and I look forward to seeing its response!