Food for Thought

Get to Know NIA
How does your community’s success (or failure) impact you?

Van Gogh’s Bedrooms
Is it morally defensible to profit off of dead artists’ works?

MCA, Pop and Surrealism
Is popular culture a religion, complete with saints, prophets and rituals?

Art Institute Chicago
My support of realistic nudity in artwork

Odds ‘N’ Ends 5
Thoughts about encouraging young artists to counter-balance survival-related pessimism

Around the World Blog
My responses to questions such as, “How does my work differ from others in my genre?”

Trying New Materials
Some discoveries can only grow in the soil of the unknown

Art and Dreams
Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious, and art as a ritual of personal transformation

Working With Series and Revisions
five ways to stretch your concept to encompass a group of art pieces

Lady of the Keys
one of my earliest mystical dreams

Something I dislike
a criticism of the “abuse of light,” and a defense of the dark

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