Art Show Reviews

The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg
Takashi Murakami reveals his development at MCA, culminating in unbelievable genius

Artistic Oregon
public art in Riverfront Park, and another visit to the Kenny Scharf statues

artistic responses to the AIDS epidemic tell an important part of our story

Friday is Forever
NIA Fine Art Friday closes a year of hard work and valuable surprises

Party All the Time
NIA Gallery Party exceeds its goals due to excellent planning

Learning on the Job
results of my Gala of the Arts group show; improvements to be made on my end

Unique Techniques
pictures from a group show in which I participated

Angel Art
a preview of my own Angel Art series

Van Gogh’s Bedrooms
an Art Institute Chicago showcase featuring Van Gogh’s “domestic” works

MCA, Pop and Surrealism
exploring the connection between Pop Art and Surrealism

Art Institute Chicago
featuring traditional Hindu paintings of Krishna and an exhibit of SAIC alumni

Art in Oregon
featuring The Grotto, the Willamette Valley Heritage Center, Corvallis art, and The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Art on Ashland Wrap-up
all about the first East Village art walk, which I organized

Art Institute Chicago
featuring Degas, Dionysos, and an outdoor sculpture by Charles Ray

Art Institute Chicago
featuring sculptural realism by Charles Ray

Religious Art
featuring art from the Andes under Spanish rule, and prints by Catholics and Buddhists

Odds ‘N’ Ends 5
featuring All-City High School Exhibitions

Art Show Success!
featuring the second show by my group, NIA

Art Institute Chicago
featuring Japanese prints and Byzantine Iconography

Cartoon Art Museum
featuring classic comic strips and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

featuring David Bowie Is and religious art and artifacts

NIA Gallery PartyAbout and Photos
the inaugural art show by a group I helped create

Art Institute Chicago
featuring a Magritte exhibit and Mexican political prints

Chicago Cultural Center
featuring art by Matthew Girson and Hebru Brantley

MCA, Lincoln Park Zoo
featuring Art After Frida Kahlo and Rites of Spring by Milton Horn

Art in Portland
featuring Portland Art Museum, Skidmore Fountain, Kenny Scharf statues & more

Art Institute Chicago
featuring The Goldman Collection

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