Figure Drawing


In celebration of the upcoming Figure Drawing session, here is a drawing from about four years ago.  I drew this with a group we called the Third Thursday Club.

As you might have guessed, we met on the third Thursday of every month.  We drew at the apartment of one of the members, and we had a handful of models we would rotate.  I learned a lot from those sessions, and the experience is helping me organize the sessions at ChiPRC.

Click here to see my class description on the ChiPRC website.  Note that the price per artist has increased to $12.  The extra two dollars will help cover the overhead for the event.

2 thoughts on “Figure Drawing

  1. Very strong drawing Dean, the group sounds like it was fun, I’d like to find something along those lines here – drawing can be a rather solitary business and exchanging feedback and ideas is very satisfying and makes things a bit more social – blogging is a help too!

    • I agree, Phil, about the solitary nature of drawing. And you pinpointed one of the reasons I created this website — to connect with other artists and art-lovers.

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