Figure Drawing Success

Last night’s figure drawing session was a resounding success. There were some new faces with us who brought their own unique styles to the table.  I was so inspired by the other artists’ work that I could barely sleep last night!

One of my goals with the sessions is to be less a teacher and more an organizer.  I encourage each participant to be authentic to her/his own voice and to work with the figure in whatever way feels right.  We support each other, learn from one another and make choices for the group democratically.  It is as far from an academic drawing class as you can get.  I hope it will be fertile soil for self-discovery to bloom, for myself no less than the other artists.

Thank you to the artists, to our fabulous model, and to ChiPRC for creating such a perfect work-space.

Please check the ChiPRC calendar for additional programming.  I will announce the date of the next figure drawing session as soon as I have it.