Figure Drawing Report

We had another fantastic figure drawing session tonight at ChiPRC.  Each one is better than the last, because we try new things and build on what works.  Our big breakthrough this time was in the lighting.  Chiaroscuro really does make for easier rendering of three dimensions.

I always default to realism when I draw from life, even though my personal style is more stylized and imaginative.  Academic figure drawing classes taught me to conform to the tradition of figure drawing, which is realism.  I try to make my own classes non-academic — I encourage my artists to retain their own personal styles.  It is inspiring for me to see them approach the figure in unique ways.  I am learning a lot from them.

It is not too late to register for tomorrow night’s still life session — another class I will run in a non-academic way.  You can either sign up via the ChiPRC website, or write to to let me know you’re coming.