Figure Drawing Firsts

Figure Drawing chest

We had another great figure drawing session last night at ChiPRC.  There was a new artist in attendance, and a new model.  This means I got to see two new people engaging in their respective crafts.  And they are both highly skilled!

Last night’s model also brought an innovation — an interval timer that kept track of our drawing times and breaks.  It was a godsend.  No one had to be distracted by the clock.  We could all just focus on our drawing.  I will definitely be using an interval timer in future sessions.

Figure Drawing legs

Something I want to try in 2014 is going into each workshop with a specific topic in mind.  (As we did with Faces Only.)  This way, artists and models will know ahead of time what we’ll focus on during the long poses.  And students can pick and choose which sessions to attend based on the topics.

Last night’s focus was the chest, and our fabulous model gave us some good and challenging poses to work with.

Figure Drawing torso

As the year goes on, I will try to rotate our models in the scheduling.  This way, no two successive sessions are exactly alike.  Each model brings his or her unique physical characteristics, as well as a personal modelling style.

Here are the upcoming topics for Figure Drawing at ChiPRC:

Sat, Feb 8, 7pm —  Legs
Sat, March 8, 7pm —  Arms
Sat, April 12, 7pm —  Back
Sat, May 10, 7pm —  Head & Neck
Sat, June 14, 7pm —  Hands & Feet

Pre-register here ASAP, because space is limited!