February Classes

Little Girl and Little Dog

Chicago is enduring an abnormally persistent cold wave.  School and business closures have become regular news.  I must admit that I’ve been avoiding going out too….

During these times of bitter cold and forced isolation, I am reminded of the centuries-old winter tradition of placing a lighted candle in one’s window.  Though this practice has had many meanings over the centuries, the interpretation that speaks most powerfully to me is as follows….

Through your window, your only point of contact with the outside world during the cold months, you see evidence of your neighbors continued survival.  The fire represents the community spirit, burning brightly across the distance; the comforting knowledge that you are not alone in your suffering; and the promise of eventual reunion and happier times.

This winter, ChiPRC will shine like a candle in the window for everyone to see.  But if this light speaks to you at all, if its warmth looks hopeful and inviting, then don’t keep yourself at a distance.  Please come inside, join us for a workshop or discussion.  The space will be warm, the community warmer.  You needn’t wait until Spring to experience happy times!


Faces Only Promo image

Faces Only & Figure Drawing

The only thing better than one drawing session is two in a row!  Join us on Friday, February 7th for Faces Only, and come back on Saturday, February 8th for Figure Drawing!  As always, these sessions will be an open forum for you to work in your own style with any tools you like.

Faces Only is a social drawing group.  We chat, have food & drink, and practice our portrait skills with one another.  It is one of those rare occasions when you can view your subject up close.  The focus for Feb 7th is the Mouth.  This is your opportunity to work on practicing lips, teeth, even complicated mustaches!


The next day will be a fabulous Figure Drawing session.  Our expert model will give us short poses, medium poses, and long poses.  You will view the model from every possible angle.  The focus for Feb 8th will be the Legs.  This is your chance to figure out those tricky muscles and tendons.

Faces Only and Figure Drawing are $15 each.  To pre-register, go to chiprc.org, and click on the desired session.  Or just pay at the door….

Faces Only: Fri, Feb 7, 7pm – 9pm: Mouth
Figure Drawing: Sat, Feb 8, 7 pm – 9pm: Chest



My Favorite Comics

We are a monthly discussion group.  Newcomers welcome!  Bring snacks, bevvies, comics and friends.  We discuss all genres of comics and all aspects of graphic storytelling.  There is a new topic each month to get us started.  Where the conversation goes from there is up to you….

February’s topic is Comics from Childhood.  What comics did you read as a kid?  Were you a fan of classic characters like Richie Rich and Archie?  How about licensed properties, like Sonic the Hedgehog or Disney’s The Incredibles?  Maybe you loved X-men or Justice League.  Or were you one of those bright kids reading Classics Illustrated and TinTin?

Whatever your history, let’s talk about the comics that made us fall in love with the medium.  We’ll cover lots of ground — how we’ve changed as readers over time, how some things never change; what comics are available for younger readers today, and whether we are reading any of these titles as adults.  If you have any comics that fit the theme, bring them with you!

Join us for My Favorite Comics.  A $3 donation will be asked for at the door, or pre-pay at chiprc.org….

My Favorite Comics: Wed, Feb 19, 6pm – 8pm: Comics from Childhood


Drawing Techniques promo

Drawing Techniques

In the Drawing Techniques workshops, I share my personal techniques.  But it is not about you merely replicating what I do.  I want you to adapt the lessons in your own way, enhancing them with your personal style.  I love the idea of the information evolving in new ways after I pass it on.

On Feb 22nd, I will share what I know about transforming colored pencil into a watercolor-like wash.  It is a simple way to colorize a piece, and easier to control than traditional watercolor.  What I love most is the warm, organic quality it gives to drawings.  I will provide the colored pencils.  All you need to bring is paper!

Pre-register for $12 at chiprc.org….

Drawing Techniques: Sat, Feb 22nd, 7pm – 9pm: Colored Pencil Wash


Mythology and Art

Mythology & Art

Ever notice how mythology pops up again and again in art?  Whether it’s Greco-Roman deities, Grail legends or even echoes of neolithic iconography, mythology and art go hand in hand.  There are historical reasons for this connection as well as psychological reasons.  But there are also spiritual reasons, best explored through one’s own artistic journey.

We will discuss all of these connections, beginning with a one-hour meeting on Feb 24th.  From there, we will seek out the myths that speak to us personally, researching and sketching as we go.  On March 3rd and March 10th, we will meet for two-hour studio sessions to explore these myths in the form of original artwork.

Bring your own paper and any drawing materials you like.  Be part of a supportive group journeying into myth and art.  Pre-register for $25 at chiprc.org….

Mon, Feb 24, 6:30 – 7:30 — Mythology & Art: Part 1
Mon, March 3, 6:30 – 8:30 — Mythology & Art: Part 2
Mon, March 10, 6:30 – 8:30 — Mythology & Art: Part 3