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In addition to leading classes and art shows, my role as Arts Coordinator at ChiPRC entrusts me with helping others design, schedule and promote their art events, from workshops to art exhibits.  ChiPRC is open, inclusive and dynamic.  It is capable of being a learning or exhibition space for all kinds of artists — anyone willing to share themselves.

Do any of the following statements speak to you?

  1. The possibility of designing your own workshop or exhibit, or simply being a special guest at one of our functions
  2. Promoting of your name and brand through our social media and advertising
  3. Exposure of your work and opportunities to sell your merchandise at an event
  4. Connecting with your own fan base, and expansion of your fan base to include the existing ChiPRC community

If you are intrigued and inspired by these possibilities, let’s have a discussion.  You may reach me by e-mailing  I look forward to helping you share yourself with a custom workshop or exhibit….

Events take place at:
858 N Ashland Ave
Chicago IL  60622


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