Endings and New Beginnings

The final figure drawing session at ChiPRC is drawing close.  We spent the last six months focusing part-by-part on the human anatomy.  Our exploration is almost complete, and it will be a good time to take a hiatus.

We will finish the series on June 14th by studying the most difficult and complex aspects of the human body: the hands and feet.  Even veteran artists struggle with these appendages.  This is your chance to take in the details with a static model.

As always, our fantastic model will give us a wide variety of poses.  The poses will gradually double in length, beginning with quick gesture poses.  However, the session will culminate with a set of long poses that specifically highlight the hands and feet.

Figure-Drawing June 14

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I should also mention the final Faces Only session, which takes place the day before.  It is a companion to the Figure Drawing session, because our portraits will include faces and hands.  The face and hands are the most expressive parts of a subject, and they work well together in a composition.  They can reveal an emotional state or even tell a story….

We will begin our session by exploring anatomical reference photos and making sketches.  Then, the real fun begins!  Artists take on a dual role at Faces Only, modelling for one another even as they are drawing.  It is a fun and practical way to exercise your portrait skills without having to feel awkward about it….

Faces Only June 13

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Figure Drawing Breakthrough

It’s never too late for a breakthrough!  The second-to-last Figure Drawing session was on May 10.  At this session, I finally managed to bring my own unique style into my work.  In the past, I had a hard time letting go of my art school training.  A level of realism that I don’t normally utilize became my crutch.

I’ve been so inspired by the work of our other artists over the several months.  Many of them bring to the table a fresh approach and unique style.  They don’t abandon their personal aesthetic just because a live model is present.  Instead, they find a way to describe the image in front of them using their own voice.

I tried to do just that last night, and I think I succeeded.  I described the shadows on the model’s body using Kirby-esque shapes.  I incorporated the digital tone that I love to see.  And I combined two poses into one composition to recall the familiar theme of splitting.

Double FigureThe Figure Drawing series may be almost over, but I will certainly carry this breakthrough to other projects and workshops.  Perhaps I will even push the level of abstraction further as I gain confidence….