Encouraging Etsy premiere

Virgin of Guadalupe for sale

The grand opening of my Etsy store has been very encouraging!  Within the first two weeks of business, I sold two pieces: Virgin of Guadalupe (left) and Sacred Heart (below, right).  I am optimistic that Etsy will be a good forum for ongoing sales.

Sacred Heart for sale

I am also happy to report that I have joined a very supportive Etsy team, the Catholic Etsy Artists Guild.  It is a talented group of individuals, and I am honored to be part of the team.  Keep an eye on our blog, because I will be a contributing blogger!  Search for us on Etsy using the tag “teamcatholic”.

It is time to build up the inventory, so I am adding a few pieces to my Etsy store.  First off is Our Mother of Perpetual Succor, a drawing about which I wrote previously.  The piece is now framed and ready to find the person for whom it is meant!

Our Mother of Perpetual Succor hung

Next up is Holy Mother and Child.  With this piece, I took my cut-out technique to the next level, using more kinds of paper than I have ever used in one piece.  I was able to create distinctive flesh, fabric and halos.  I also played with texture — the halos and border are made of glittery paper, and the backing is red cork.

Holy Mother and Child collage

Holy Mother and Child hungFinally, I have a new version of Immaculate Conception.  You can read about the first version here.  I used my Cameo Silhouette to cut the Virgin out of Navy blue vinyl.  I applied this to cold press white paper, and mounted the whole thing on brown corrugate.  I am loving the contrasting textures!

Immaculate Conception 2

Immaculate Conception 2 hung

2 thoughts on “Encouraging Etsy premiere

  1. Congrats on getting the Etsy store up and running Dean, glad to hear it’s going well and opening up new connections too. I do love the new version of the Immaculate Conception in particular, it looks stunning, you look like you’ve been using the cutout technique all your life, you’ve mastered it! There’s a real strength and confidence about your work I admire, not surprised these pieces are going to new homes, well done mate.

    • Phil, thank you for the incredibly touching compliment! As always, you provide me with much-needed validation and encouragement…. As for the cut-out technique, it is revealing more of its capabilities with each new experiment. I can’t wait to see where it takes me over the next year!

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