Drawing Techniques Report

With most of the classes I lead at ChiPRC, I take the position that all styles are welcome, all mediums encouraged.  Tonight’s Drawing Techniques workshop was different in that my goal was to share my personal techniques for those who wish to assimilate something from them.

My expectation was not that anyone would walk away drawing exactly like me.  Rather, I hoped that my techniques would add new options to another artist’s bag of tricks.  This appears to be the exact outcome of the workshop.

Tonight’s session was specifically about charcoal and conte crayon.  I have my own way of producing tonal value with these materials.  This is the example I produced live for the class:

In addition to the demo, there was studio time for experimenting with the tools and techniques I shared.  I have two Drawing Techniques workshops scheduled for 2014, each of which is centered around distinct mediums:

  • Sat, Jan 25, 7pm – 9pm — Drawing Techniques: Pen & Ink
  • Sat, Feb 22, 7pm – 9pm — Drawing Techniques: Colored Pencil Wash

Pre-register for either or both classes by writing to dean@deanjohnsonartstudio.com or chicagoprc@gmail.com.  The cost of one class is $12, but pre-register for both and pay $10 for each.  Join us, and add to your arsenal!