2 thoughts on “Dean Dreams Page 1

  1. Hey Dean, just want to say how much I loved the first web comic – you’re drawing and graphic style go so well with this subject matter, it’s full of energy , tells the story well, and each frame a little masterpiece !

    • Thank you for all the positive comments! I made comics for classmates when I was younger, but then resisted the urge for many years.

      I had philosophical issues with standard story tropes, such as: good vs. evil. That particular cliche seems to be symbolic of the conflict raging between alienated parts of an individual psyche. If one wants to be complete, one must embrace “good” and “evil” in oneself, and indeed all dualism. Then there is no evil to transfer onto others, and conflict becomes almost impossible.

      I couldn’t think of a single long-form story concept that would bypass symbolized conflict and reflect this move toward completeness. Until it hit me to translate my dreams into comics-form. In my opinion, dreams literally are long-form stories describing and encouraging one’s move toward completeness. And any “conflict” that occurs in them is quite obviously about internal friction.

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