Coming Soon: Art Business 101


As regular readers will know, I spent most of last year working on major projects with an art group called NIA. We actually came together based on a call-to-arms that I sent out in early 2016.

Together, we completed multiple fundraisers, acquired a beverage donation, and staged two art events. While it is true that people can accomplish more as a team than they can by themselves, this isn’t the real reason I brought the group together. I did it to establish a legacy.

For the past 3 years, I have led numerous art events, including workshops and art shows. These experiences have taught me so many things, from how to write and submit a press release, to coordinating promotion across multiple platforms. Even when things don’t work out the way I hoped, I learn by doing.

At a certain point, I realized that this knowledge exists only in my head. If I want to have any kind of legacy, I have to start sharing this knowledge. So I recruited some of my artist friends for a year of sharing and learning together.

We did learn so much, and we are all wiser for it. The year of NIA has come to its conclusion, but my drive to pass on my knowledge has not abated. I now see this blog as a way for me to continue sharing what I have learned.

I will begin a new tag, Art Business 101. I will add all the AB101 posts to my Free Stuff page, along with older business-related posts. If you have any suggestions for topics or questions about the business of making and exhibiting art, please leave me a comment!

I hope these posts will help all emerging artists to create the career they envision.