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Dean and Hulk

Alex Nall, a fellow instructor at ChiPRC and an excellent cartoonist, joined me last night for  Wheat Thins and conversation.  We talked about kids’ comics, including early versions of the Hulk, and the Classics Illustrated series.  Like any great conversation, our discussion expanded from there.  It’s difficult to track our train of thought, but I remember covering Mark Twain, Norman Rockwell and the California Raisins.

We also talked shop, which is often the case at ChiPRC.  Alex encouraged me to pursue an art project I have been toying with for a long time: an ongoing webcomic about my dreams!  The 31 Day comics challenge has increased my desire to produce this work, because it has demonstrated for me how much the comics format inspires me, how much it makes me think.

I have several hundred pages of dreams already written down.  I have already interpreted many of these dreams as static images.  But I have never tried to translate them into comics form.  I think comics will be a good format for dreams, because both comics  and dreams present a sequence in time.


I’ll have much more to post about this project in the days to come….  In the meantime, consider hanging out with me next time at ChiPRC!  You never know what piece of inspiration you will take away….

Next comics meet-up: Wed, March 19, 6pm
Starting point: Newspaper Comics

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