Comics Discussion Report

The first “My Favorite Comics” discussion group was a blast!  The people who came out for the meeting were full of passion for the medium and a deep love for the artists with whom they connect.  Combine that with an intimate knowledge of the larger cultural and artistic landscape, and you have fertile ground for conversation and debate.

We covered so many topics, including independent vs. mainstream trends, newspaper strip vs. long-form storytelling, and creative format choices that are changing consumer expectations and the landscape of the entire comics marketplace….

In effect, we opened several cans of worms that will have to be sorted out in subsequent sessions.  As always, the group that turned out for the first session is helping to define the direction of the series.

Our plan is to center future sessions around specific topics.  This way, we can more thoroughly explore the substance of the vast comics world.  Dates and times for future meetings will be announced on this blog and on the ChiPRC website.  I hope to see you there!

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2 thoughts on “Comics Discussion Report

  1. Argh! Can’t they hurry up and invent a teleporter, I wish I had been there! Sounds loads of fun, look forward to hearing about the next one 😉

    • Wish you could have been there too — and I definitely echo the sentiments about teleporter technology! Seems like it should have been invented by now….

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