ChiPRC in Review

Chicago Publishers Resource Center (or ChiPRC) is a versatile studio space.  It hosts all kinds of events related to writing, art and publishing, from author Q&A sessions, to art classes and fiction-writing workshops.  It is a comprehensive work-space for any kind of writer or artist, professional or casual.  Whatever you produce, there are supplies and equipment on hand that will help you finish your project.

ChiPRC is especially conducive to helping you publish your work in some form.  By publish, we mean “to make public.”  There are all kinds of ways to do this, from mass-producing your own minicomic, to reading your prose piece in front of a small group, to hanging your artwork in a gallery showcase.  It’s really about sharing yourself.  ChiPRC supports all these forms of publication and more.

Dean and Johnny at ChiPRC

My own neck of the ChiPRC woods has been the visual arts programming.  Over the past nearly two years, I have designed and taught a plethora of art classes.  I have also helped coordinate events for others, including an author of fiction and a graphic illustrator.  Below are some of the classes and events that I personally offered:

▪ Figure Drawing ▪ The Art of Icons ▪ Faces Only ▪ 6 Origami in 60 Minutes ▪ My Favorite Comics ▪ Critique Club ▪ Drawing Techniques ▪ Printmaking 101 ▪ The Art of Dreams ▪ Inspiration Cards: Creatively Unblocking ▪ The Art of Mythology ▪ Drawing in the Park ▪ Art With a Curveball ▪ Building and Prepping Canvas

Several of these classes were repeated more than once, including My Favorite Comics, which ran for a record twelve sessions!  There have been four versions of Printmaking 101 so far, with another iteration scheduled for Jan. 25.  And 6 Origami in 60 Minutes is always a hit.

I recently received the title Arts Coordinator and an expanded role at ChiPRC: to help others design and promote events as I have done.  To celebrate this promotion, and to give all writers and artists a taste of what ChiPRC has to offer, here are some of my favorite photos from various events:

Drawing Techniques easelFemale Figure 1

Little Nemo 2

Dean Faces Only 1

Drawing Beyonce at Rachal's class

Rachal Duggan

Dean Art With a Curveball

Jerry Sacher

Dean folding Drawing Board comic

Dean at Art of Dreams 1

Terrie printing

Dean with projector

Jeff Swirek

Jeff Swirek

Johnny and Alex at MFC

John Wawrzaszek & Alex Nall


Dean at origami classChiPRC crowdChiPRC Chalkboard

In my mind, ChiPRC’s concept and mission are bigger than those of us who have been consistent about booking workshops.  ChiPRC is open, inclusive and dynamic, and it can embrace anyone who comes in with an idea for an event.  It is capable of being a learning space for all kinds of topics, all kinds of instructors and all kinds of students — anyone willing to share themselves.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably already involved with creative work of some kind.  In other words, you’re awesome.  I want to let others see how awesome you are and to get inspired by the way you work.  Talent is a gift, and I was always taught that the right thing to do with a gift is to share it.  I invite you to consider having a conversation with me about creating an original event at ChiPRC.  As Arts Coordinator, I will help you design, schedule and market your event.  Do any of the following statements speak to you?

  1. The possibility of designing your own workshop, or simply being a special guest at one of our functions
  2. Promotion of your name and brand through our social media and advertising
  3. Exposure of your work and opportunities to sell your merchandise at an event
  4. Connectivity to your own fan base, and expansion of your fan base to include the existing ChiPRC community

If you are intrigued and inspired by these possibilities, let’s have a discussion.  You may reach me by e-mailing  I look forward to helping you share yourself….