Chicago Art is Hot!

The Chicagoan, 2015 (SOLD)

The Chicagoan, 2015 (SOLD)

Today, I put the finishing touches on four more pieces in my Chicago Art series. They have continued to sell steadily since my opening on September 19. So far, I have sold 49 pieces — by far the most from any series!

This is very new territory for me. Usually, a show will result in maybe three to five sales. There will be no outstanding orders, so I will have the freedom to move on to a new technique or subject matter. I assumed Chicago Art would be the same, so I already started formulating “what’s next”.

Surprisingly, the city isn’t done with me yet! Make no mistake — it’s a good problem to have when one’s previous body of work is still selling, so I will continue to make Chicago Art for as long as I can.

Some of my collectors have shared photos of my work in their homes. I always like seeing pieces in this context, because the artwork really does become part of a collector’s life. A piece is still unfinished when it is on a gallery wall. When it goes on a collector’s wall, it is finally complete.

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