Photorealistic Painting

Painting RafaelIn art as in life, you can achieve anything you want to if you take the necessary steps. That includes learning how to paint in a photorealistic style.

Last year I was commissioned by a tennis super fan to paint a portrait of Rafael Nadal. I wanted to document my approach to realism, so I filmed the entire process.

Watch my video below to see how I went from step 1 to step 2 — from blobs of paint to a photorealistic portrait. Then try these steps yourself! With a little practice you will be creating your own photorealistic paintings.

Photorealistic Painting


Odds ‘N’ Ends 8

Dean and RamaYesterday, I was able to drop off my recently commissioned painting to its new owner, tennis super-fan Rama! (See photo at left.) She was thrilled with her portrait of Rafael Nadal.

If you have a commission to propose, e-mail your idea to:

I will carefully consider every proposal I receive, and I won’t take on your project if I know I can’t give you a good result.

In other news, I am looking ahead to future opportunities to show my work. Today, I submitted samples for possible inclusion in two exhibits. I am also hard at work with NIA, planning a big show for the end of the year.Dean shooting NIA video

I was recently at ChiPRC shooting a video for a NIA fundraiser. Since this group has previous shows under its belt, we know exactly how much our upcoming show will cost. This year, we plan to raise the funds we need to pay for all the event costs.

Stay tuned for all the details regarding our fundraiser!


Update: this is the picture of “Rafa” hanging in Rama’s house!