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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

I have finished creating an all-new Facebook studio page, which I welcome you to Like! You will be among the first to see new art and links for sexy pop merchandise.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so I have made some exclusive gifts available for you to buy. In my Etsy store, I have one-of-a-kind original art for sale — perfect Laptop sleevefor the special and unique people in your life!

On my Society6 page, I have essential pop prints and products — everything from iPhone skins to hoodies, and of course beautiful art prints! And if you’re someone who sends out Christmas cards, I’ve got those too!Christmas cards

Pop Prints & Products

Big Eye Boy with Flowers

Big Eye Boy with Flowers

All-new outlet for pop prints & products! My Society6 page is now your resource for pure pop pleasure!

One of the featured designs is this Big Eye Boy photo-manipulation, which comes in various forms — including an art print, a creepy wall clock, and a handy tote bag! Who wouldn’t want these eyes staring back at strangers as you run your errands?

This site has EVERYTHING, including t-shirts, pillows, mugs, and more! You gotta check it out!

Society6 Example

3 Nudes

Nude with a Violin watermarkedI recently uploaded some new merch to my Etsy store, including three nudes. They each have my usual predilection for high contrast, but they represent three different approaches to life drawing.

The nude at the left represents photorealism. I tried my best to accurately draw the light and shadow on the model’s body.Double Nude watermarked

The nude on the right takes its cues from comic book illustrations; I transformed the shadows into irregular blocks of black ink. There is arguably a psychological subtext in the doubling of the figure, as the one on the left could represent the public persona — strict and alert — whereas the one on the right is withdrawn and vulnerable, more like our inner selves.

Big Guy watermarkedFinally, the nude on the left is the “popiest” of the three. The pose is sexy and direct, and the colors are exaggerated. I like how the softness of the pencils contrasts with the, erm, hardness of the model’s body. (In the original art, his member is not censored, by the way.)

Three completely different ways to depict the nude body, and they are all for sale! Buy your favorite nude before it’s gone forever!