Best Nine 2017

What a great year! Technology was my best tool, as I focused my energy on creating digital Pop Art and setting up my Etsy and Society6 stores. The other great technological asset was Instagram, which continued to connect me with an amazing community of art lovers!DJPopArt Best Nine 2017

Here are my most popular Instagram posts for 2017. From left to right, beginning with the top row: Drama Hands digital art, Strawberry Boy painting (framed), Ecstasy plexi painting, Morning Boy digital art (framed), Nude with Violin drawing, Dean hanging artwork, Big Guy drawing (censored), Immaculate Conception illustration (published in Give Us This Day magazine), and Pop Faces mug.

I can’t help but notice that 55% of the most popular posts are nudes! Perhaps this means I should invest more time in art that celebrates the human body. What do you think?

Enjoy whatever it is you do to finish out 2017, my beautiful Pop People, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Giving Tuesday

Dean hanging artYou’ve heard of Giving Tuesday, right? Chicago Publishers Resource Center is doing a fundraiser today to repair a reclaimed copy machine. We got it for free, but it needs two repairs to get it up and running. Today only, the Gates Foundation is matching donations made through this Facebook page!

If you’ve checked out our workshops, live music shows, or art exhibits (like the one at the left), please do us a solid. This copier will add to your experience, letting you pop in during Open Hours (Sundays) to make a copy, or use the machine during a workshop. Imagine being able to make and print a zine in one stop!!