C2E2 Memories

C2E2 entrance 2Last month, I attended C2E2, one of Chicago’s major annual comics conventions.  It was the first time I had gone to any comic convention in at least four years.  My main motivation for going back was to promote some of ChiPRC‘s comics-related programming.  I had some flyers to pass out and some networking to accomplish.costumes star wars

Honestly, I thought my mentality would be “all business,” but I surprised myself by how excited I got for the convention!  All morning, I was like a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas day!

In the past, I always went in with a mission to find specific trade paperbacks or back issues.  Although I would inevitably find unexpected treasures in the process, I defined my goals clearly in advance.  Also, I would strategically go up and down every single aisle, looking carefully at each booth.  I didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to find what I was looking for.

dean with fred flintstoneThis time, I had no mission to buy anything.  I didn’t go up and down every single row.  In fact, there were entire aisles I never saw.  Instead, I simply wandered like a inquisitive bird.  I had gone to the convention with a dear friend, and we spent much of our time walking together.  When we split up for awhile, I ended up running into another group of friends and chit-chatting with them until it was time for me to rejoin my other friend.

I distributed many flyers for ChiPRC, but did I accomplish anything else?  I think I did: As I was in the middle of talking with my group of friends, I realized exactly what my mentality was.  I was there to have experiences, and I was succeeding in my goal.costumes iron fist

I attended a couple of panels (including a fascinating discussion about gender expression in cosplay), bought a T-shirt from Geeks OUT, spoke with one of the former Flash Gordon artists, and took lots of pictures!  All in all, it was a very satisfying and full day.

I was already planning to attend Wizard World in August, ostensibly to pass out more flyers for ChiPRC programming.  But now I’m looking forward to another set of unique experiences!

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