Blog makeover!

If you stumbled across my website this morning, you undoubtedly noticed my “new look!”  This is the first in a series of updates I’m making to my website.  More on that in the weeks ahead….

“Where Dreams Become Art”

First of all, I completely overhauled my logo.  Here is the old logo, which was borrowed from a drawing on my second blog post ever:

cropped-Header-text.jpgI re-drew the feet in the white-line style that has become my trademark.  I added the “tone” dots that I frequently use.  And I included a new slogan that sums up the entire website:

cropped-New-Header-text-slogan.jpgI also changed out the entire website background, which previously had been barely-visible feet (left).  Now, the background continues the tone motif (right):

Bare Feet HeaderBackground.jpg

About Me

I also fine-tuned the text on my About page to better explain my background.  In part:

I translate my dreams into art using a variety of mediums: acrylic paint, pen and ink, and multiple printmaking techniques. I studied Fine Art at Columbia College Chicago, where I earned my Bachelor Degree. Since graduating, I have built my art studio into a business.

My commissions include numerous portrait paintings, as well as postcard designs for theater companies TUTA and Darknight Theatrical Productions; flyer designs for rock band Arch Visceral Parlor and DJ Elle Madelyn; and illustrations for author John Wawrzaszek.

I transferred most of the information from my Contact page to the About page, because I’m thinking about replacing the Contact widget with something more useful….

Free Stuff

I will be including lots of free content on this site in the coming months, including art show reviews, book reviews and more!  I want to give you a glimpse of the input that inspires me to create, and to provide a larger experience of kindred information.

This content will be accessible through the new widget on the menu.  Check back soon for its launch!

Thanks for following me!

Dean at Belmont Harbor