Birthday Name

Stella Blue

My latest commission was to draw the name of a little girl named Stella Blue along with her birth date.  The client informed me that Stella’s room is painted Tiffany blue.  Also that her house is decorated entirely in a modern style, with clean lines and lots of white.

With that information, I came up with the basic design idea.  The client and I chose as the medium colored pencil wash.  I use Turpenoid  to liquify the oils in the pencil, thereby creating a watercolor-like wash.  You get more color saturation this way, and you can blend multiple pencils to fine-tune your color.  Both the light blue and dark blue colors are the result of mixing three pencils each.  (Incidentally, the wash technique was the topic of my recent Drawing Techniques class.)

I rarely use color when drawing, but I can definitely see elements of my usual style in this composition — the use of flat shapes and heavy contrast.  It would be interesting to recreate one of my black-and-white pieces using color this way….  I am inspired by this piece to consider bringing more patterns into my b&w drawings.  Many of the pottery-painters who inspire me incorporated complex patterns….


Stella Blue in frame

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Name

  1. Lucky Stella to have this piece of artwork on her wall! That technique is lovely, soft and rich looking, goes really well with the geometric shapes

    • Thank you, Phil. Apparently, young Stella has quite an eye for color and form, because this composition reflects the aesthetic of her bedroom! I can’t say I was that advanced when I was 3 years old….

      By the way, my absence from blog conversation has been part of my Lent commitment. I decided to give up the 64 “Favorite” tabs I used to bring up every morning. It wasn’t easy, but it freed up a lot of time each day. I think I’m going to continue forgoing some of those sites permanently…. But yours isn’t one of them! As soon as Lent is over, I look forward to getting back on Hedgecrows and seeing what I’ve missed!

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