Birthday Name 2

Ellie Hopper framed 2Following up my Stella Blue commission from a couple of months ago, here is another birthday name drawing.  The recipient, Ellie Hopper, is celebrating her first birthday.  This image will hang on her wall for many years to come.

Ellie’s home includes flower decals on the walls and a big purple armchair.  These elements inspired my design.  I began by creating a digital sketch on the computer.

Normally, I would print the sketch on a transparency and use an overhead projector to transfer a guide-image to paper.  I have a new piece of equipment that is cutting out the printing stage: a projector that can read files on a flash drive!


Below, I am following the digital “guide image” with colored pencils.  I ghost in the shapes, knowing I will refine them later (sans projection).

Dean drawing Ellie

For each shape, I ultimately blend two or three pencil colors.  To integrate the colors, I apply Turpenoid with a brush (below).  The paint thinner liquefies the oils in the pencils, transforming them into a watercolor-like wash.

Dean using Turpenoid

Ellie HopperEllie Hopper framed 1HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLIE HOPPER!