Art Show 2 of 2

In yesterday’s post, I announced my upcoming fall and winter events, which include an art show, a portrait workshop and a comic book discussion group.  Today, I will go into detail about the art show.

Art of the Solstice flyer

NIA, the artists’ collective I helped to found, has its second show coming up on December 21!  That day is the Winter Solstice, a day traditionally associated with rebirth, renewal and the return of light.  For our show, Art of the Solstice, each NIA member will interpret the solstice in a unique way.

I will be presenting all original artwork at this exhibit.  I look forward to posting images of my new work in the near future, but I am even more excited to see more pieces by the other NIA artists!  It is a really talented and artistically diverse group….

Man Flying Through the Rain framed

The best way for me to give you a taste of things to come is by sharing some photos from the first NIA show.  Here are some shots of my work framed and/or hung.  It’s always so gratifying to see a piece in this context, as if my dreams have become permanent reality.

artwork framed

Sacred Heart framedPrometheus Stealing Firewater hung

Northside Independent Artists

NIA is….

Natalie works primarily with architectural forms, although in a very imaginative and whimsical way.  Her website is here.

Natalie Walser

Natalie Walser

Rachal is an excellent illustrator.  She knows how to distill a person to her most essential forms and lines.  Her website is here.  She also has a portrait class at ChiPRC coming up on Oct. 11, which you can read about here.

Rachal Duggan

Rachal Duggan

Terrie is a multi-talented fine artist.  Her work includes paintings, drawings and prints.  She does not yet have a website, but you can check her out on Pinterest and Google+.

Terrie Byrne's work

Terrie Byrne’s work

And you know me!  I translate my dreams into art utilizing acrylic paint, pen & ink and various printmaking techniques.  I will have all new works available for Art of the Solstice.

photo by Natalie Walser

photo by Natalie Walser


Art of the Solstice
Sunday, December 21, 1pm – 4pm
Open Admission

858 N Ashland Ave
Chicago IL  60622

2 thoughts on “Art Show 2 of 2

  1. Hey Dean, your work looks fantastic framed and on the wall of the gallery there, well done! All the best for the December show, you seem to have found a very productive period at the moment, it’s good to see and the work you’re producing I find very powerful, but emotional at the same time, great stuff!

    • Phil, thank you for the positive comments! I’m looking forward to sharing with you and the world the work intended for the December show. I’ve been using my tried and true methods, but pushing myself to take them to another level. There’s an evolutionary quality in your work that I’ve always admired: you push yourself to try new subject matter and formats, without ever losing sight of your aesthetic. Your experiments serve as inspiration for me during this period of expansion….

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