Art Sales Can Take Time

Our Lady of OstrabramaLast year, I made a number of pieces inspired by the Lithuanian Carmelite Icon, Our Lady of Ostrabrama (also known as Our Mother of Mercy, or Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn). You can see the first drawing I made at the left. I went on to produce prayer candles, holy cards, and other OLO images, most of which featured at the second NIA Art of the Solstice show. The prayer candles and holy cards sold well, but I had a lot of the merchandise left over.

Flash forward over a year and a half later. I happened to be having a conversation with someone about the history of OLO, and I mentioned the many art pieces I had made. It turns out this person was looking for gift ideas for a friend who is a Lithuanian American Catholic! Upon looking through some of my pieces, she decided to purchase the original drawing and one of the holy cards for her friend!

It goes to show that you never know when you will meet a potential client. You have to believe there is a home for each of your pieces somewhere, even if you don’t find it right away. Always be willing to talk about your work, and you will create the conditions in which buyers can discover you.

2 thoughts on “Art Sales Can Take Time

  1. Good story Dean, it’s heartening to hear this kind of thing, we can get very focussed on immediate sales when we have a show and it just goes to show we should approach things with a more long term view – we’re in it for the long haul!
    Been having a busy summer so I haven’t dropped by for ages, but good to catch up with all the terrific things you’ve been up to mister, look like you’ve been having a busy summer too!

    • Phil, thanks for the comment! It’s so easy to just move on after a show and never give a second thought to the body of work I was exhibiting; but I now realize there is still life in those older pieces. The more I can connect with new audiences, whether it be in the context of new art shows or random conversations, the more I will find those people who want those overlooked pieces.

      You’re right — I have been very busy. I have been remiss in checking in with your site too, but expect some fresh comments from me!

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