Art Review: Cartoon Art Museum

Cartoon Art MuseumIn October, I visited one of my favorite cities, San Francisco.  One of the highlights for me was a visit to Cartoon Art Museum.  Hanging on the walls were things like original art from newspaper comics and storyboard art from animation.  The gift shop is also worth a mention, as it contains  a wide range of art books, graphic novels and comics-related tchotchkes.

Specific exhibits that were up included political cartoons, a retrospective of M.K. Brown, and a tribute to the cultural phenomenon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The TMNT were so enormously popular when I was growing up — it was impressive to think about the many mediums that have embraced the concept.  The museum had brought together things like the early black & white comics, animation cells from the 1987 cartoon and even action figures.

There was another room in the museum which I don’t find mentioned on their website, so maybe it represents their permanent collection.  This was my favorite room, as it featured a mix of original and reproduced art from such classic comic strips as Krazy Kat, Nancy, and Little Orphan Annie.  In my subjective experience, comics art on museum walls possesses the same powerful aura that makes masterful paintings and sculptures in galleries so arresting.  I came away from the experience deeply moved and humbled by the talent of these masters.

2 thoughts on “Art Review: Cartoon Art Museum

  1. I didn’t know about this museum, thanks for the post Dean, I’ll keep it in mind – all being well we might be visiting San Francisco next autumn so I’ll add it my list of things of placed to visit. I’ve never been but I just know I’m going to love that city too!

    • I know you’ll love San Francisco, Phil! There are so many different things to do. The hard part is narrowing them down to what your timetable will allow. Also saw the redwoods this past trip, and they were amazing….

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