Art Opening This Saturday

Dean with salon artI have an art exhibit opening this Saturday, September 19! My show is part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration for Natural Elements Salon. All the pieces are for sale, so your only opportunity to see the entire series as a whole is on Saturday. The salon is located at 2212 N Lincoln Ave, and the party starts at 4:30.

I have been working hard on these pieces all summer. My goal was to create cutout collages that represent recognizable Chicago buildings, sculptures and other iconic structures. The process started with me spending mornings downtown when the natural light was just perfect. I took numerous photographs for reference.

After that, I translated the photos into stark black-and-white images using a combination of photo-editing software and traditional drawing tools. I then machine-cut these black-and-white shapes out of colored vinyl. Finally, I adhered the vinyl shapes to maps of Chicago. I am very please with the results, and I think Chicagoans and Chicago-lovers will like them too!

Dean cutting out Navy Pier 2Navy Pier 3

Dean with Marina City 2Marina City 2