Art of the Solstice: Update

Northside Independent ArtistsI have a couple of announcements with regard to the upcoming art show, Art of the Solstice.  Illustrator Rachal Duggan, who exhibited with us last September, is going to have an unfortunate schedule conflict on December 21.  Consequently, she will not be able to exhibit with us this time around.  The rest of us are saddened by this loss, because we were looking forward to seeing more of her totally inimitable work.

We are, however, determined to carry on and make Art of the Solstice an amazing event!  With that in mind, we invited an incredible artist to join us, one with whom Terrie Byrne and I have exhibited in the past.  Her name is Christina Bosco, and she is one of the most original figure painters I have ever known.  Her work is effortlessly beautiful and emotional, and her handle of color and form are exquisite.  I can’t wait to see her latest work and introduce her to the ChiPRC community.

In my own art studio, I have continued to experiment with the cut-out technique.  I’ve also had a ball making more t-shirts, which you can see below.  Yes, Art of the Solstice is going to be great!

Sacred Heart tshirt

Boy Christ tshirtHoly Family tshirt

2 thoughts on “Art of the Solstice: Update

  1. The cutout tecnique is looking great with your graphic approach Dean, the two elements working so well together – and those T-shirts are very covetable! Best wishes for a great show 😉

    • Thank you for your feedback, Phil! The cut-out method has been an exciting discovery, and I’m sure it will continue to reveal new secrets as I explore it further…. I’m glad you like the t-shirts! I’ll have some available for sale on this site before long….

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