Art of the Solstice Recap

The second Art of the Solstice show by NIA has come to a close. As always, we are all inspired by seeing one another’s new work, and our brains are already busy coming up with ideas for future NIA events! We learned a lot with this round about how we can expand our promotion and take advantage of the wide sidewalk in front of ChiPRC. These breakthroughs make for a strong foundation on which to build exciting programming over the next year….

Sunday’s show was less well-attended than our December show. This was surprising, considering that we did more promotion than last year, and the weather was much more pleasant. One factor we did not consider when we booked the event was the conflict between the dates of the summer solstice and Father’s Day — a much more popular holiday! Many people we invited were no doubt spending time with their dads. In spite of the low attendance, every artist sold at least one small item. This is one mark of a show that connected with its audience. The people who showed up really cared about the art.

The only items I recycled from the December show were four of my t-shirts. Everything else in my rather crowded display I created over the last six months. It has been a time of intense inspiration and productivity, and it was gratifying to see all the work lined up in a row. None of my wall-art sold, but I did sell prayer candles and holy cards. Their popularity is making me think of other ways I can translate my art into small, usable items…. Until I make these ideas a reality, I can direct you to my Etsy store, in which most of the wall-art from the show is available. The pieces that aren’t up yet will be there within the next couple of weeks, and I will also be uploading prayer candles and holy cards.

Deans setup2

Deans setup3

Deans setup1

Left side of AOS display

Middle of display at AOS

right side of display at AOS

Shelf at AOS

table at AOS

candles and holy cards at AOS

prayer candles at AOS

holy cards at AOS

Jerry Sacher greatly enhanced my display with his beautiful rosaries. He was also selling copies of his latest novel, Fair in Love.

Jerry with rosaries summer

Jerry's display at AOS

rosaries at AOS

New Profile Pic

Dean with Holy Card

Dean with his artwork

Natalie Walser offered her beautiful new full-color gouache and collage work. There were some interesting pieces combining said techniques with her favorite palette of black and yellow.

Natalie summer show

Christina Bosco brought some sumptuous landscapes as well as new forays into abstract art, a perfect fit for Christina’s sophisticated palette and textural techniques.

Christina summer show

Terrie Byrne added brilliant studies of flowers to her repertoire. Not only were they beautiful, but they prove that Terrie, a seasoned oil painter, has mastered acrylic!

Terrie summer show

NIA summer showThanks to everyone who stopped by, and thanks to ChiPRC for hosting our event. Stay tuned for announcements regarding new exhibits and other programming from NIA!