Another Printmaking Class

I recently announced the date and time for my Printmaking with Linocut 101 workshop.  It is the first in a series of workshops dedicated to different printmaking techniques.  I can now announce that registration is open for the second of these workshops: Printmaking with Fun Foam 101!

Printmaking with Fun Foam flyer

Printmaking is a great way to make multiple copies of a drawing.  Everything from posters to greeting cards can be printed by hand.  But many printmaking techniques are complicated, time-consuming and expensive for beginners….

Enter Printmaking with Fun Foam, a simple and inexpensive technique!  In this workshop, I will demonstrate the process, then guide students step-by-step as you make your own Fun Foam prints.  Everything you need is provided!

This is the ground floor for Printmaking with Fun Foam.  No experience necessary, but you will leave with the knowledge and skills to make more prints.  As for what you do with the knowledge, the possibilities are endless….

Register here:

For the above illustration, I created a Fun Foam print block.  I then printed with white ink on white paper pre-toned with black marker.  The toning was an unexpected discovery.  I did not have any of the black paper I had intended to use, so I used the marker to create my own “black” paper.  I love the variegation caused by the marker!

Deep Thoughts

It’s a little bit Constructivist, a little Synthetic Cubist, and the chunky hand is inspired by Kirby.  The image started, as many do, as a simple sketch:

Deep Thoughts sketch

One final thing: I am re-posting my Linocut video, which premiered May 30.  It’s a different technique than Fun Foam, but I hope it will get people in the mood for printmaking at ChiPRC!

Episode 6: Linocut