Since 2006, I have produced unique Urban Pop Art, organized and promoted solo and group art shows, and designed hands-on art workshops for all ages and all skill levels.

I invite artists and business leaders to partner and collaborate with me. I remain committed to helping others gain experience and exposure, because one only rises up when one’s community rises too.

▪ Lead Organizer for Art on Ashland, the East Village Art Walk, in 2015
▪ Serve on Board of Directors for ChiPRC, the Chicago Publishers Resource Center
▪ Have led over 20 art workshops over 2 years; partnered with 5 organizations
▪ Was named a Top-Rated Teacher by Dabble for my workshops
▪ Lead Organizer for Northside Independent Artists (NIA) for 3 years
▪ Curated 3 group shows, which attracted over 60 new visitors per event
▪ Most successful show, Chicago Art, sold 65 pieces
▪ Have participated in 11 exhibits, including Catholic Charities Gala of the Arts
▪ Designed original logos for companies Athletic Souls and The Souls Journey
▪ Created 6 websites for artists, creative organizations, and a published author
▪ Illustrated John Wawrzaszek’s book, Field Manual: Human Body
▪ Generated promo images for CAKE fundraiser, 2012 and 2013
▪ Founding member of Third Thursday Club, which offered monthly figure drawing
▪ Designed postcards for theater companies including TUTA
▪ Designed flyers for rock band Arch Visceral Parlor and DJ Elle Madelyn

Creative Roles:

▪ ChiPRC (02/2013 – Present): Instructor and Arts Coordinator (volunteer). Create and lead art classes, and curate art shows. Assist visiting artists with curriculum and exhibit design. Promote and market events.
▪  NIA (06/2014 – 12/2016): Lead Organizer (volunteer). Co-designed 5 group exhibits and 3 fundraisers, including Indiegogo campaign. Created promotional strategies across multiple platforms. Wrote and submitted press release.
Art on Ashland (06/2015 – 11/2015): Lead Organizer (volunteer). Recruited businesses and artists to partner with. Coordinated event planning for 5 organizations. Press was picked up and published by RedEye. Tracked attendance and sales metrics.
Dean Johnson Art Studio (08/2006 – Present): Artist. Produce, market and sell art pieces. Create art exhibits to showcase new work. Have completed over 30 commissioned projects. Maintain online presence through website and social media.

Top Events*:
▪ Art of the Solstice ▪ NIA Gallery Party ▪ Art on Ashland ▪ Mixed Media Arty Party ▪ 6 Origami in 60 Minutes ▪ Figure Drawing ▪ Drawing Techniques ▪ My Favorite Comics ▪ Faces Only ▪ Printmaking 101 ▪ The Art of Dreams ▪ Art With a Curveball ▪ Building and Prepping Canvas

* highest attendance

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