Lolo pop greyArtist’s Statement – I have a holistic approach to art, seeing no distinction between high and low, or between sacred and secular. My influences range from Jack Kirby and Filmation Studios to Andy Warhol and Fra Angelico. Whatever is bold and exciting catches my eye. Using acrylic paint or cutout and collage, I manufacture pure pop pleasure. I continue to feel the pull of a childhood devoted in equal parts to the Bible and Marvel Comics.

Bio – Dean Johnson developed his pop art brand at Columbia College Chicago, where he studied under Corey Postiglione, Carol Halliday-McQueen, and Louise LeBourgeois. For over 10 years he served and inspired his community by organizing group art shows, workshops, and even a neighborhood art walk. Dean’s work has appeared in the Alumni on 5 exhibit and at Navy Pier.

Accomplishments –

  • Lead Organizer for Art on Ashland, the East Village Art Walk, in 2015
  • Lead Organizer for NIA (Northside Independent Artists) for 3 years
  • Participated in 11 exhibits, including Catholic Charities Gala of the Arts
  • Most successful show, Chicago Art, sold 65 pieces

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dean,

    I’ve come across your origami classes while putting together a collection of arts experiences in Chicago, and wanted to reach out to you regarding an idea.

    What we do at IfOnly is curate unique, exclusive experiences for our clients to purchase, ranging from once-in-a-lifetime interactions — like an apprenticeship with Alice Waters — to things like tours, lessons, and workshops with lesser known local experts, artisans, and such.

    Have you ever done something like a private immersive workshop (for an individual or small group)? Or if not, would you be open to it?

    I’d love to chat in a bit more detail if you’d consider it. Thanks so much and I look forward to connecting!


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