31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 9

A Comic That Totally Blew Your Mind

In 1966, Philippe Druillet debuted a character called Lone Sloane.  Essentially an astronaut who wanders unfamiliar dimensions, encountering extraterrestrials, robots and gods.  The stories are somewhere between science fiction and the occult, not unlike the Cthulu mythos of H. P. Lovecraft.  Druillet produced new Lone Sloane stories all the way through 2000, but today I will focus on the debut collection, The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane.

It is difficult to summarize this book, although this blogger admirably gives a stab an analysis.  (Warning: the link includes some unexpected adult imagery.) Apparently, Sloane’s journey takes him through a process of death and rebirth.  A large part of what makes the book come across as mind-blowing is the psychedelic artwork.  Like a hybrid of Jack Kirby and Wes Wilson, or perhaps Jim Steranko and traditional Hindu art, Druillet hit hard with trippy space opera that was right on time for the 1960s.  Check out this link and this one to view more imagery and commentary.

Honestly, this one has to be experienced to be understood.  Although “understand” is a misleading word.  Some things cannot be rationally understood.  They can only be experienced and integrated.

Tomorrow: The Most Beautiful Scene