31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 5

A Great Love Story

Two words: The Crow.  Not the film version, with the strangeness mostly erased, and the bird downgraded to some kind of flesh-and-blood Achilles’ heel.  And I’m certainly not talking about the merchandising.  I’m talking about the original edgy, non-linear comic with all its flaws and pretensions.  The crude illustrations in the early issues, the Arthur Rimbaud quotations and Joy Division lyrics, the mixed media mess that it was.

There is no happy ending for this romance, unless you consider revenge happy, and joining your lover in death a satisfying ending.  But what makes Eric’s story so touching is the fact that it was inspired by writer/artist James O’Barr’s real-life tragedy.  He lost his girlfriend in a drunk driving accident.  The Crow was his way of working through his grief.  When you know that, the depths of The Crow open to you, in all their beauteous misery.

Tomorrow: Nonfiction Comic

By the way, I should throw in a reminder about My Favorite Comics discussion group on Wednesday, Feb 19.  It will be your chance to express your likes and dislikes, just as I have done in these posts, and to bond with other people as coo coo for comics as you are!

Also, join me tomorrow for Faces Only, and again on Saturday for Figure Drawing.  I always notice that my art expands into new territory when I have somebody else’s influence, someone who thinks of things that would never occur to me.  The same thing happens at these social drawing events….  They are good exercise for the artistic mind!