31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 26

A Guilty Pleasure Comic

In 2002, MVC Creations got a license from Mattel to publish new Masters of the Universe comics.  This was a complete reboot, tying in with the new toy designs that Mattel was selling at the time.  I’m a little embarrassed to speak so highly of a comic designed to sell toys, but it was a surprisingly well-executed series all around.

The creators behind the new Masters of the Universe comic were obviously big fans of the original mythology.  They preserved and extended concepts that were only hinted at on the cartoon and in the original mini-comics.  Such as Skeletor being the magic-user Keldor, twisted and ravaged by his experiments with the dark arts.  And the Snake-men being remnants of an army that once decimated Eternia.

To date, the entire series has not been collected in trade paperbacks.  But there are three collections available: The Shard of Darkness , Dark Reflections , and Icons of Evil.

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