31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 25

A Comic From a Favorite Creator

Frankenstein Mobster: Man-Made is by my favorite comics creator, Mark Wheatley.  In a town called Monstros City, real-life monsters live, work and pursue the American dream.  There are vampires, mummies, werewolves and more.  As in any real city, there is corruption.  Including a greedy and vicious mob.

The mob come up with an idea to make a reanimated super-monster out of the body parts of the best dead mobsters.  Thus is born the Frankenstein Mobster.  The only problem is that Frankie’s mind is divided four ways.  There are three sadistic mobsters in there, and one police officer who got sewn into the mix.  The dead officer Terry Todd acts like an undercover agent, using his role as the mob’s enforcer to bring down organized crime from the inside.  But he must constantly wage an internal battle with the minds of the dead gangsters, all of whom wish to control the body.

As if this weren’t already an excellent and complete story concept, there is also Terri Todd, daughter of Terry Todd.  She is a police officer with a vendetta for the mobsters who killed her father.  Her job is to take down the mob and its number one enforcer, the Frankenstein Mobster.  Who, unbeknownst to Terri, is partly comprised of her dead father.  She desires not only justice, but vengeance.

Good reviews of the graphic novel are here and here.  And here is an interview with Mark Wheatley about the project.

Tomorrow: Guilty Pleasure Comic