31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 24

A Comic That Made You Laugh

Prison Pit by Johnny Ryan turns the aesthetic of crude drawings into an artform.  Looks like the doodles I used to put in the margins of my notebooks in junior high, but elevated by the sensibilities of an art school graduate.  The jokes are puerile, but the plot and pacing are sophisticated.  Makes you feel like slightly less of a jerk for laughing at jokes like “fecid,” which is a PCP-like drug that one of the aliens craps out.

Book One begins with an extraterrestrial prisoner combating the guards who are trying to deposit him on a prison planet.  Comixology accurately compares the carnage with WWF.  The prisoner makes it onto the planet surface, where he proceeds to have a series of gory battles with other entities.  For a taste of the action, click here.  So far, the series is up to five entries.

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