31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 17

A Comic That Reminds You of Someone

I had a lot in common with Grandpa Schumann.  One of his favorite programs was the live-action Incredible Hulk TV show starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.  He would rush home after church to watch Godzilla movies on TV.  And he was a huge fan of Flash Gordon.  When I was a child, he gave me two hardback collections of Flash Gordon reprints by Nostalgia Press.  That was actually my introduction to the character.

In 2007, Norwegian cartoonist Jason released The Last Musketeer, a short graphic novel that combines The Three Musketeers with the Flash Gordon serials.  Athos goes to Mars to stop the evil Emperor from trying to invade France.  Little nods to the Flash movies are everywhere — for example, the Emperor’s chair looks just like Ming’s throne.  Jason’s writing style is basically a series of punchlines separated by space and inaction.  The jokes have room to breathe.  He draws in the ligne claire style popularized by Tintin, and all of his characters are anthropomorphic animals.

When I read the graphic novel, I can’t help but think of my grandpa.  I would give him this book if he were still alive.  I know he would have enjoyed the humor.  He was a fan of not only action/adventures stories, but also funny comic strips.  I remember taking old paperback collections of B.C., The Wizard of Id and others from his house.

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