31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 16

A Comic That Makes You Cry

Amazing Spider-man #400 features a scenario that will be familiar to anyone who has ever lived in a closet.  Anyone who kept a secret, only to find out that the people who loved them already knew.  The best way I can describe the issue is to transcribe some of the dialogue….

Peter Parker‘s Aunt May is dying.  They spend some time together on an observation deck on the Empire State Building.  Looking out across the city, Aunt May asks, “Peter…. How does it feel? … Swinging over the city.  Almost flying, really.  How wonderful, to be so light.”

Peter’s jaw drops.  He has never told Aunt May about Spider-man.  As far as he knew, she believed the superhero was a criminal!

She explains, “It’s funny.  I’ve known for years.  How could I not?  Living under the same roof with you all that time — I’d have been an idiot not to know.  But Peter … I could never really let myself know.”  She continues, “Whenever I thought of you out there — putting yourself in such danger, risking your life again and again — I just pushed it down … pushed it away.”

A few panels later comes the most gut-wrenching part.  She says, “Peter Parker — you’re as good a man as your Uncle Ben.  And no kinder, more decent soul ever lived.  If he was here, he’d let you know — in no uncertain terms — how proud he is of you.  How proud … we both are.”

May collapses in Peter’s arms before saying, “I think … I think it’s time — to go home.”

I’m already balling as I write this, and I haven’t even got to the death scene.  If you want to read it, you can click here — The webpage also talks about how Marvel Comics wrote this death out of existence a few years later.

Aunt May is one character I wish they would have left dead.  Not because I have anything against the character, but because her last-minute confession meant so much to me.

All dialogue © Marvel Comics
Dematteis, J.M.  Amazing-Spiderman #400.  New York City: Marvel Comics, 1995.  Print.

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