31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 15

A Comic That Makes You Smile

The 4-Fisted Misadventures of Tug & Buster is written and illustrated by Marc Hempel, one half of the team that created my beloved Mars.  The book features Tug, a silent, musclebound oaf with a pompadour hairstyle; and Buster, a talkative baby who adulates and imitates the older man.  It’s essentially a parody of hero-worship, but it never gets too heavy.

On the fourth page, Tug is using the toilet.  Buster observes, “Even settin’ on the crapper, ol’ Tug suer cuts a mighty imposin’ image!!”  And that’s the tone of the series.  Tug doing not much of anything, and Buster narrating his every move with sycophantic hyperbole.  Supporting characters go by such memorable names as Stinkfinger and Genital Ben.

Dialogue © Marc Hempel
Hempel, Marc. The 4-Fisted Misadventures of Tug & Buster. Fullerton: Image Comics, 1998. Print.

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