31 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 14

Comic You Love That You’ll Never Read Again

One of the best comics I’ve ever read is Bone.  Outstanding characters, beautiful illustrations, tight-knit plots.  The series even references one of my favorite mythological constructs, the Indigenous Australian concept of The Dreaming.  In a nutshell, The Dreaming is analogous with creation, and it is an ongoing process caused by beings outside of time.  The same term applies to one’s individual night-dreams, which are personal experiences of creation.

Sounds great, you say.  And it has a reputation of being one of best series in the history of comics.  Why wouldn’t you read it again?  Well, the trade paperback collection weighs in at 1344 pages.  That’s only 50 pages fewer than this edition of The Bible.  Not exactly light reading in either case.

But I recommend you read it, even if only once.

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