30 Day Challenge – Day 24 – My Favorite Culture

Many of you probably expected me to name the Greek culture as my favorite, and with good reason.  I have referenced their mythology time and time again on this blog.  Just see the tag “Greek” for examples.  I decided, however, to represent the Minoan civilization.

The classic Greek culture we all know and love drew on a variety of pre-Greek sources for its myths.  Some of these myths were borrowed from or inspired by the Minoan culture, including the story of the Minotaur of the Labyrinth.

Here is my take on the Minoan sport of bull-leaping.

I am selecting the Minoan culture for a symbolic reason.  When I draw the Greek characters, I try to dig up the primal, atavistic images from the collective unconscious that would have formed their basis.  I want to find who these characters were before they became as familiar and safe as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.

While the Minoan versions probably don’t get quite to the primal root I’m looking for (and we still don’t know all that much about their stories), I am using the Minoan culture as a symbol of the pre-Greek cosmology I am looking for.