30 Day Art Challenge – Day 21 – Something I Dislike

Light reveals distinctions.  It cuts like a sword.  It slices the unknowable world into pieces that can be defined and dominated.  When you can name something, you are its master.  Light is related to reason, rules and order.

Darkness blurs distinctions, connects everything together.  The boundaries that exist in the light disappear in the dark.  People fear the dark, because they fear losing themselves, losing the identity they have so carefully defined.  They fear the aspects of themselves that lurk outside the light’s reach.  Darkness is related to intuition, creativity and madness.

We all experience light consciousness and dark consciousness, and they both have their uses.  It is useful to establish boundaries, and it is also useful to transcend them.  It is useful to make connections, and it is also useful to dissolve them.  It is useful to follow the path of logic, but it is also useful to jump ahead or non sequitur into unexpected ideas.

But both light and darkness can be abused.

For yesterday’s challenge, I chose to depict the abuse of light.  This is when people try to impose their chosen limitations on others.  Their goal is to get everyone to conform to their preferred system of order.  In truth, it is a clear sign that they are scared of the dark.

(Note that the figure above is wearing ridiculously complicated shoes.  Most of my figures have no shoes, a detail that symbolizes freedom, self-acceptance and total immersion in one’s environment.  In other words, being fully in the dark.)