30 Day Art Challenge – Day 10 – Something I Can’t Live Without

Today’s challenge was to depict something I can’t live without.  At first, I was going to draw my hands.  Everything I have ever done artistically has involved the use of my hands.  Then, I thought about the many talented artists who were born with no hands.  Among them are Tisha UnArmed.  The truth is that I would adapt to whatever my circumstances are, and I will always find a way to create.  I know that because, in my own way, I have always done that.

The next thing I thought of is time itself.  Given time, I will inevitably create things that didn’t exist before I produced them.  It’s what I am compelled to do.  So I decided to draw the Horae, which are the Greek personification of time.  (They are also the personification of the seasons, of which the Greeks designated three.)

I am again experimenting with a rough line.  I replaced black ink with red on the computer to simulate the look of a print.